Service Sectors



The Telecommunications Services economic sector consists of companies engaged in fixed-line and wireless telecommunication networks for voice, data and internet access. IPTV has recently also become a key contributor to this sector even though traditionally it was not classified under this particular grouping. This Sector is a key growth area for all countries in the Caribbean Region as networks are being modernized and grown and new features and functionality are being deployed at a rapid rate.

Our Telecommunications experts currently work with major Telecommunication Service Providers in the areas of Project Engineering/Design (FTTH + IPTV), Project Management, Network Installation and Systems Integration Management.


The Hospitality Industry is one of the most significant revenue generating sectors in the Caribbean region. Some territories depend substantially on foreign exchange and investment from this service sector to ensure that they are able to maintain and improve their economic position. Sun, Sand and Sea have been the draw of the conventional tourist to the Caribbean shores for decades. However competition is stiff from other tropical markets so innovation is key to ensuring that the Caribbean nations are able to maintain their competitive edge. Technology is the perfect enabler for that.

We recognize that ICT in the Hospitality Industry is becoming increasingly critical. Our tailor made solutions and services like IPTV and in-room Wireless provide the needed value add and differentiated services for hotel guests.


Many companies today are asked to do more with less in the face of increased financial and regulatory scrutiny, while managing the relentless complexities of emerging or disruptive technologies. Growth and expansion, new lines of business, various channels, and rapidly changing requirements add to the challenge of aligning strategy with ICT architectures.

Expert guidance from our experienced ICT practitioners can help yopu make the right technology decisions and mitigate business risks to turn your corporate vision and strategy into operational reality.

Our professionals accurately assess problems for our clients, and develop real, actionable solutions that address near- and long-term objectives.


At Northpoint Consulting, we leverage our experience and expertise to ensure that governments can utilise technology in ways to better serve the general public with our wide range of solutions ranging from managed services, monitoring and security to project management and project staffing. These services assist governments to increase staff efficiency and productivity.