(24/7 network monitoring and network services among a suite of other services.)

24/7 Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring services provide private and public sector agencies with reliable and cost-effective solutions to manage their network. Our services give them the ability to reallocate their limited technical staff to focus on operational network maintenance and troubleshooting, helping to improve network integrity.

Today, most businesses depend in some way on their IT infrastructure to deliver the products and services on which their revenue depends. This dependency means that the availability and performance of IT infrastructure is vital to modern enterprises.  Mitigating the risk of even minor disruptions to IT infrastructure which can lead to an impact on a business’s bottom line is now essential. To maintain a high availability and top performance, we encourage the businesses we support to subscribe to a network monitoring service. This service acts as an early-warning system for faults on the client’s network, and as an insurance policy helping the client mitigate the risk of network outages. Northpoint Consulting’s 24×7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) service helps ensure the stability, security and functionality of our client’s IT infrastructure across the Caribbean and further afield.