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Project Resourcing

Across the markets Northpoint Consulting serves in the Caribbean, new information and communication technologies (ICT) are shaking up old business habits. Not only do they change the way consumers perceive products, but also the way they consume them.

The management of daily tasks and a sense of urgency in doing so, is currently at the heart of employees’ discussions. It is indeed a stressor that requires solutions.  Faced with this situation, managers believe that modern communication tools would allow employees to react as quickly as possible in a highly competitive environment.

New technologies are becoming more and more important to the enterprises and agencies that we support. Managers have to offer their customers new ways to access their data, their products and better target their customers’ expectations and desires. In this sense, gathering this type of vital information is enhanced with the use of ICT. We have found that ICT can boost innovations through a vast range of solutions from loyalty cards to enhanced call response times to fire and other safety systems.    

Resources are essential and contribute to the implementation and ultimately the success of any project. Successful project management is dependent on the effective management of the various project resources. These resources must be identified as early as possible, ideally before the project is launched.

In the kitchen, for example, you can’t imagine preparing a meal without knowing the utensils and ingredients at your disposal. In project management, it’s a bit of the same: you must ensure you use the resources that are essential to the smooth running of the project and optimize their management.

What are these resources we manage?

A resource is a material or immaterial entity used to carry out a task. The resources that participate in the implementation of a project can be grouped as follows:

  • Human resources,
  • Material resources,
  • Financial resources,
  • Time resources.

Of course, the most important resources are human resources, the individuals, groups and entities who either plan and carry out the work or contribute to the smooth running and completion of the project. Exceptional project management will always include exceptional collaboration and people management.