Technical Support (Tier I & II)

Technical Support Tier I

The ICT technologies built and used by our clients in their networks typically work well and provide high degrees of customer satisfaction to end users. At some point, however, service disruptions caused by hardware or software failures can occur. In these circumstances, our clients need fast, competent, reliable support and, very importantly, support delivered by a trusted team with whom they have an established relationship. Northpoint’s team provides Tier 1 technical support to regional service providers.

Technical Support Tier II

To augment our 24x7x365 and after hours Help Desk Service, Northpoint can also extend this service to include on-the-ground resources that will handle corrective maintenance to resolve faults and restore network services. Our highly trained resources can also provide preventive maintenance to minimize the number of faults occurring in the network, provisioning and implementation services tailored to meet your needs.