Managed Wi-Fi Services

Managed Wi-Fi Services

Wi-Fi, or wireless access has become a staple utility for small businesses, enterprises, private residences and SMEs; it is now arguably as necessary as electricity and if you don’t have it you are at a serious competitive disadvantage.

Many enterprises do not have the in-house expertise to install and operate an enterprise-grade wireless network (or WLAN) on their own, or even a small Wi-Fi offering for your customers. The necessary resources to implement a robust state-of-the-art WLAN that delivers reliability and performance is challenging and can be expensive and complex to deploy, therefore many businesses are looking to Managed Service Providers to support managed Wi-Fi services. This is where Northpoint can help.

Northpoint provides fully managed Business, Commercial and Public Hotspot Wi-Fi services utilizing the latest in Wi-Fi technology. With Northpoint's managed Wi-Fi solutions, customers are provided with all of the necessary wireless infrastructure - Wi-Fi routers, access controllers, security appliances and access points; all installed by qualified professionals and managed by the experts in the Northpoint Managed Services Center.

With Northpoint's Wi-Fi services, customers are provided with solutions that can monitor and track Wi-Fi performance, provide proactive insights and usage analytics, along with advertising and captive portal services that can boost business visibility and increase revenues.

Northpoint’s Managed Wi-Fi Benefits:

  • Offers reliable and scalable Wi-Fi infrastructure for your employees and customers
  • Reduces costs by simplifying network planning, deployment, operations and management
  • Encourages productivity by providing the flexibility needed to collaborate in a mobile environment
  • Minimizes support resources and frees valuable IT resources to focus on core initiatives
  • Provides scalability
  • Works in conjunction with current broadband/Internet connection for Internet access
  • Provides captive portal and advertising opportunities for increased brand visibility
  • Provides a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Bandwidth Throttling and Traffic Shaping
  • Offers Security through, Client Isolation, Content Filtering and other Integrated Security Features
  • For Small Businesses: Custom-branded Landing Page and Facebook Check-in Integration
  • 24x7 Monitoring, Technical Support, Firmware Updates and periodic Reporting