Network Audit & Optimization

Network Audit Process

In order to chart an efficient, risk-mitigated path from “A” to “B”, it is important to understand as much as possible about “A”, what baggage is needed for the trip, and what can be left behind. We recognize that our clients’ networks and systems have, in many cases, grown organically and along the way the principles of good planning may have been left by the wayside. To help our clients plan major network changes, or merely to get a snapshot as to where things currently stand for network inventory purposes, we provide a Network Audit service.

Using advanced tools and our highly-experienced network specialists, we provide comprehensive documentation of the networks in our clients’ environment by undertaking inspections of equipment configuration files, network interconnection links, IP address allocations, data center service configuration and operational services. Armed with this information our clients can then navigate with greater confidence on their network evolution journey.

Network Optimization

Our Network Optimization service is designed to help our clients sweat their existing network assets better. Our solutions architects and network engineers identify where our clients can make improvements to their network infrastructure and systems, recommend impartial actions for improvements and implement those recommendations.

This is an end-to-end service: from conducting initial discovery sessions to performing network infrastructure assessment and audits; to conducting performance and capacity/utilization analysis on the clients’ networks; all as inputs to a comprehensive Network Optimization Report, which we produce to make recommendations for improving the overall performance of the clients’ networks. Finally we prepare an Optimization Implementation Plan after the findings have been accepted by the client, for execution and delivery of the required performance enhancements.