Recruitment & Outplacement

Outplacement Services

When our clients engage Northpoint to meet their human resourcing needs, we aim to have our team operate as an extension of the client’s employee base. We deliver the advantages of an “in house” team without some of the added costs. We reduce the client’s overhead, eliminate non-billable labor costs, increase the client’s margins and assume all related project staffing risks. Our resources will be precisely matched to the task at hand and to the work environment. Depending on the requirements of the engagements we can also provide some of the tools needed to get the job done.

We combine the right people, processes, and management with full accountability as we deliver our Outplacement Services to augment our clients’ staff corps. We provide experienced, pre-screened, skill-matched resources in a number of disciplines, on a Contract or Statement of work (SOW) basis.